Reminder about weight talk

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Reminder about weight talk

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Hi everyone!

We've seen a number of weight discussions and reports about diet talk lately, so we thought we'd do a little refresher.

Our rule no 9 says ”No body shaming, body snarking, diet talk, mentioning specific weights or sizes, or posting what constitutes healthy or unhealthy eating.”

”Healthy eating” is often used as code for low caloric value and we consider that diet talk. At FOCA we do not believe in one universal concept of "healthy eating". We don't value food as good or bad.

What's healthy for one person may well not be so for someone else. In addition, conflating weight loss with health is not something this board supports. You are wonderful and worthy of love regardless of your size.

We are here for you if you need to brainstorm ways to talk to your dad about not judging your food habits, or supporting you in establishing boundaries with your family around food and discussions of health, but we are not a weight loss forum and we aren't able to host discussions of that nature.

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