Alert - new rule!

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Alert - new rule!

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Hi everyone!

As FOCA grows and evolves, so does the rules. Did you know that we've grown from a few hundred members to over three thousand eight hundred? We're so happy that you like it here! Part of our work is making room for everyone, both new and old. With so many members no one person should dominate the space. So, we made a rule out of it.

The new rule can be found here. It's rule 5.2 if you want to check it out later.

Here it is:
While it's generally ok to start different threads in different fora, or about different issues, starting multiple threads in the same subforum about highly related issues, or the same ongoing issue is not allowed. If you have a lot of related issues to talk about, please create an ongoing Ballad of [username] Master Thread where you post regular updates and variations on your theme. This way people who want to keep track of what's going on in your life/with that specific issue can easily follow along without missing stuff, and users who are not all that interested in your life/that specific issue won't feel swamped.

Ok: 1 post in Jedi Hugs 'I need hugs because I was stared at by a squirrel', 1 post in I need help 'how to stare back at squirrels'.

Not ok: 5 posts in Jedi hugs: 'I need hugs because I was stared at by a squirrel', 'I was stared at by a hamster', 'I'm scared of hamsters', 'my hamster and my squirrel are fighting again', 'please tell me it's ok to stare back at the hamster'.
Thank you for understanding!
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