Let's get it started! A big welcome from the team

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Let's get it started! A big welcome from the team

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Welcome to Friends of Captain Awkward!

We are great fans of the Captain who wanted to add another dimension to the community.
We wanted to make a place where the social aspect of the blog can flourish. Here, readers and regular commenters can talk to each other without worrying about going off topic or adding any work for the Captain. While Jennifer holds open threads every now and then, we on the board can have open threads all day everyday. The Captain has a long line of letters waiting in her inbox. Here you can ask your questions without waiting and get answers directly from the commentariat. This board isn't meant to take the place of CA. Our wish is to enrichen the community, not to take anything away.

Please note that Jennifer isn't a part of the staff on this board. The team consists of enthusiastic fans of her blog. We'd love for you to take a minute to introduce yourself in the welcome forum. Familiarize yourself with the forum rules to make this a more successful visit for you. Though we aren't eager to wield the banhammer, failure to read the rules isn't a good reason to act like an asshole.

We are excited to grow this community together! Let's get the party started!
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