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rule question

Post by Vicki »

A reminder in a current thread about not showing FOCA threads to outsiders has me wondering about something.

On Dreamwidth I sometimes do "miscellaneous comments" posts, where I collect my own responses to other people's on posts. Usually those are comments to other DW journals, and part of why I do this is so I can find what i said later.

If I want to quote something I said in response to a locked post, I ask whether the original poster would be okay with me reposting my comment with an introduction like "in a discussion of elephants in Exampleusername's journal, I wrote..." or if they'd rather it just be "in a locked post about elephants..."

Similarly, I wouldn't reproduce other forum members' words, or paraphrase the discussion, If I wanted to do that with something I said on FOCA. But would it be okay to mention this forum at all, e.g., "on FOCA we were talking about elephants..." or should I write something vaguer, like "In a discussion elsenet of elephants, I said..."?

There is no urgency to this question--I'm asking now so if it becomes relevant I'll know the answer.
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