A holiday-reminder about the no diet talk rule

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A holiday-reminder about the no diet talk rule

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Hey all,

Since we're in the middle of holiday season and approaching the new year the admin team would like to issue a general reminder about our diet-talk rule. Specifically, it states:
No body shaming, body snarking, diet talk, mentioning specific weights or sizes, or posting what constitutes healthy or unhealthy eating.
This time of year can be a challenge when it comes to body shaming, well-intentioned but misguided "diet tips" etc. We issue this reminder because we know a lot of you will be dealing with these issues in your daily life and we want this to be a space that is free of comparisons of bodies, diets, weights etc. so that we can talk about how these issues affect us without the burden of ideals and comparisons.


M.J and the Admin Team

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