About our Harassment-board

Have you been harassed or made uncomfortable on the forum? Information about how to report harassment and how our policy works.
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About our Harassment-board

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Thank you for your input in creating the code of conduct! We've listened to what you have to say and the threads below are the result.

The admod team will double as the anti-harassment task force since sadly we didn't get enough interest to make a separate team. We are grateful for your vote of confidence.

What this forum is for:

* This is the place to talk about harassment.
* If you want to report something please use the report function or PM someone on the team directly.
* Suggesting edits to our policy. We will look over it in an ongoing process as is but if you have a good idea, this is the place to share it!

What this forum is NOT for

* Reporting people.
* Talking about anything else regarding administrivia-things or other suggestions. We have separate places for those.
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