What to include in reports

Have you been harassed or made uncomfortable on the forum? Information about how to report harassment and how our policy works.
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What to include in reports

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It's interesting how many people hear ”harassment” and equate that with ”unwelcome sexual advances”. Sexual harassment is just one kind of harassment. Much like other kinds of abuse, it's about power. It's about shutting you up, putting you down.

With our kittens as currency and a laundry list of reasons to TW, we work to be inclusive. That's usually a good thing but it can leave us vulnerable to missing stairs. A missing stairs harassing someone is just as real and hurtful as the next person doing it. Feeling safe from harassment is a right, no matter what.

When you report, please include the following:

* What happened.
* When & where. A link to the thread is great, as is quoting the whole thing.
* If you were at a meet-up, who else was present.
* Anything else that could be useful.

That will give us as much information as possible to start with. It's important to be able to act swiftly. That said, there are reasons someone is choosing not to report harassment, and that's okay. We're here if you change your mind.
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