Our ombudsperson and view on second chances

Have you been harassed or made uncomfortable on the forum? Information about how to report harassment and how our policy works.
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Our ombudsperson and view on second chances

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The code of conduct applies to all of us, including the admodteam, carbonated wit and Captain Awkward. If someone on the team is accused they will be temporarily removed from dealing with harassment cases until the case is investigated.

In short the possible punishments vary from a warning to temp bans to restrictions to a permanent ban. The temporary bans come in different lenghts. Someone banned cannot see anything on the board other than the reason they are banned and when they are allowed back, if ever.

We believe in second chances whenever possible. Everyone can make a mistake. It's how you handle a correction and learn from it that's important. If a person shows a pattern of harassment they will be banned permanently for the safety of everyone.

The ombudsperson for anything harassment-related is The_Other_Alice. If you're unhappy about a decision or think someone else on the team is harassing users, take it up with Alice. For everything else, Kellis Amberlee is the ombudsperson.
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Reason: Added our founder carbonated wit to the list of people that the code applies to.
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