Less urgent than "I need help"?

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Less urgent than "I need help"?

Post by Legobrarian »

Hi all

I was wondering if it might be useful to have a place to request non-urgent help and advice. I've seen quite a few people posting in I Need Help with qualifiers that the post is non urgent, for advice on things like travel recommendations, pet care etc. I've made those kinds of posts myself too, but I tend to put them in General Chat instead - but I think maybe they get fewer views that way.

For me, it feels strange to have requests for advice with serious problems alongside advice on, say, cool wedding gift ideas. This is no judgement on anyone who makes non urgent advice posts - as I said, I've done it myself and the wedding gift example is something I posted myself last year. I just find it a little jarring to go from minor lighthearted advice to much bigger issues in the same thread, as they occupy very different emotional bandwidth.

So, would it be possible (or desirable) to have a "non urgent advice" type of thread? Where something doesn't need a support group or fit into any other obvious categories?

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Re: Less urgent than "I need help"?

Post by Patu »

Hi Legobrarian.

Thanks for the suggestion but we don't want to put users in a position of having to justify their problems as serious or not! People are welcome to tag things as non-urgent but I Need Help is for all advice posts, big or small.
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