FoCA Discord Server?

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FoCA Discord Server?

Post by Shaw »

Does this seem like a good idea? Something for live chats or discussions?

Would we need permission from the Captain?
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Re: FoCA Discord Server?

Post by earthgolem »

I'm not a mod. Here are some thoughts I've got:

1. I don't think you'd need permission from Captain Awkward to have a discord server where you talked about her blog as long as you're not using her branding. (Similar to how you wouldn't need permission from this space if you're not using its branding).

2. Discord servers like other online spaces take active moderation and that gets to be more work the bigger it gets. You'd probably want a plan for how you were gonna moderate it.

3. There's some risk that folks who already use discord would need to make a new discord account or accidentally risk bumping into another forumite that they know on discord through other servers and having the worlds collide.
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Re: FoCA Discord Server?

Post by letternext »


This thread is being temporarily locked to give the mod team time to review it. Thanks for your patience.

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Re: FoCA Discord Server?

Post by boutet »

Mod note:


Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately we, as the mod team, are not able to participate in, or moderate for a Discord server. This board takes all of the time and energy that we can spare to the greater CA community, and the live nature of Discord would require a level of moderation that we could not sustain in any circumstances.

At the same time leaving the Discord un-moderated would leave members open to the kinds of abuse and triggering material that we are unwilling to host or condone. For that reason we will not be able to officially endorse or partner with a CA-themed Discord. We encourage you to look into creating your own team, and setting your own rules and methods to manage the Discord in the way that works for you. Since any Discord server you set up for this purpose will not be part of FoCA or associated with it in any way, you will need to find a different name for it.

If this is something that you decide to pursue we ask that all planning for it happen off the board, as we are not able to commit to moderating the planning or running of the Discord. We would also ask that any disagreements or troubles that occur in the Discord be kept off the board. We strongly suggest that you contact Captain Awkward herself before using her site name or site imagery in your Discord.

We wish you luck with this project!

-The Mod Team